A photograph of a bee on a purple flower sits on top of a photograph of bees in their hive


Did you know that one in every three bites of food depends on bees? The world’s most notable pollinator may be small in size, but its role in human survival is immensely important. Beyond being indispensable to our food chain, bees—in Canada and across the globe—actively partake in the richness and diversification of our environment, from the growth of trees to the blooming of flowers, providing natural habitats and food for hundreds of animals, birds, and insects.

Unfortunately, due to numerous environmental scourges—such as climate change, deforestation, harmful pesticides, diseases, and monocultures—bee populations have been plummeting at an alarming speed in the last decades, threatening the fragile yet critical equilibrium of our ecosystem.


Ever since our founding in 1879, the splendour of Canadian landscapes has been an infinite source of inspiration for Bijoux Birks. From verdant forests to sky-high mountains, our admiration for Mother Nature has been extensively expressed through our Bijoux Birks collections, all stemming from nature’s four core pillars: land, fauna & flora, water, and sky.

Therefore, launching a full collection dedicated to the greatest pollinator of all, back in 2014, not only felt inherent to our philosophy, but also essential. The Birks Bee Chic collection is a celebration of the winged insect—from colourful enamel signet rings to honeycomb-shaped dangling earrings—and most importantly, a vessel meant to raise awareness around bee conservation.

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From August 10th to August 24th, in order to ensure our actions echo our commitment to bee and wildlife preservation, a portion of the net proceeds from the Birks Bee Chic collection will be donated to the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC), Canada’s leading national organization in protecting natural areas and biodiversity across the country.

Joining this buzzing initiative is the launch of our new Bee Chic for a Cause charity bracelet, adorned with a yellow gold honeycomb-shaped charm—the signature symbol of the Bee Chic collection—attached to a delicate, adjustable cotton cord. This bracelet, a fresh iteration of our beloved sterling silver version, carries the same mission as its predecessor with 100% of the proceeds going to the NCC, and in this case, all year round.

So whether you fall for a Bee Chic gold pendant necklace or the Bee Chic for a Cause charity bracelet, know that your new piece of jewellery will have added meaning—the one of contributing to the good of the bees, and in the long run, the planet.


Plant a Bee-Friendly Garden

From coneflowers to lavender, filling your garden with bee-friendly flowers is a great way to counteract the insect’s loss of natural habitats while providing it with nutritious food.

Avoid Pesticides All Together

Pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, and synthetic fertilizers are extremely harmful to the bees. Skip them in your garden, but also in your food by going organic.

Create a Bee Bath

Bees can get quite thirsty as they go about their pollinating business. Fill a shallow bowl with water and pebbles, just so that they break the water’s surface—they’ll act as tiny little islands on which the bees can land and drink from.

Spread the Word

Saving the bees is a collective effort; thus the more people get involved, the better. Bring awareness around you by sharing these tips with your close friends or raise funds for the cause by offering a Bijoux Birks’ Bee Chic piece to a special someone.