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Birks Bee Chic

Birks for Bees Charity Bracelet, Yellow Gold
$ 400.00
SKU 450016188337

A tribute to nature's craftsman, the bee. Evoking a honeycomb, the golden hue hexagon is engraved with BIRKS FOR BEES. Celebrating the wonder of nature, Birks will donate 100% of the proceeds to the Nature Conservancy of Canada, Canada's leading land conservation organization.

18K yellow gold. Cord length: adjustable up to 8.5 inches. Motif size: 15.3 mm. Width: 13.3 mm

To order from outside of Canada, please contact our Client Experience team for more information.
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  • Style - Slider
  • Subcollection - Bee Chic for a Cause
  • Collection - Birks Bee Chic®
  • Material - 18K White Gold
  • Length - 8.5 inches