Birks High Jewelry

Birks High Jewelry celebrates nature's splendor with unparalleled artistry. With over 140 years of savoir-faire, Birks creations are masterful pieces to treasure through generations. With its signature creativity and craftsmanship, Birks now marries radiant diamonds and precious white gold, giving life to the exquisite Birks Snowflake collection. These glistening pieces are heartwarming tributes to the beauty of winter in Canada with designs that softly twinkle like falling snowflakes. Each one perfectly unique, each a timeless natural wonder.


Impeccably crafted diamond rings descend from the crisp winter sky in the Birks High Jewellery Snowflake collection. No two alike, their sheer artistry lights a path to everlasting delight.

Exquisite artistry. Uncompromising craftsmanship. Luminous creations. In a heartfelt tribute to the wonders of Canadian nature, the master jewellers at Birks High Jewellery meticulously design and craft each piece by hand. The new Snowflake Collection brings you diamond and white gold rings, pendants and earrings that are true works of art.