Discovery of Collections

Through its collections, Birks pays tribute to Canada’s exhilarating landscapes, while celebrating life’s most precious moments, from declarations of love to outstanding accomplishments.

Birks Dare to Dream Malachite Pendant on a grassy background.

Birks Dare to Dream®

Dare boldly. Dream freely. Inspired by the House's heritage, Birks Dare to Dream is a kaleidoscopic combination of metals and textures that celebrates the light and multiple facets that are naturally present in all of us.

Birks Bee Chic gold ring resting on a flower.

Birks Bee Chic®

Perfect hexagons modelled after honeycombs. Yellow gold that shines like honey. The bee and its rich universe are the inspiration for this collection where chic minimalism is abuzz with happiness.

Birks Pétale diamond earrings resting on a flower.

Birks Pétale®

This collection features a soft petal whose minimalist yet evocative shape encompasses all the flowers of the Canadian herbarium, from daffodils to snowdrops. Feminine and naturally joyful, these leaf-like Birks creations are designed to be gifted in the same way as a flower bouquet: to celebrate, declare one’s love, or simply pamper oneself.

Birks Snowflake diamond earrings on a snowy background,

Birks Snowflake®

The snowflake, ephemeral in nature, becomes eternal in the hands of Birks. Immortalized in white gold and paved with diamonds, it glimmers with all the light of an immaculate coat of freshly fallen snow.